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10 Ways to Reflect this Holiday Season

Holiday Season Reflection

1.) What are three experiences I am grateful to have had this past year? Who was I with, and what made them special?

2.) How have I made a difference in someone else's life this past year?

3.) What does the holiday season mean to me? Has its meaning changed over time?

4.) How have I showed appreciation for others (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc...)?

5.) What were the most valuable lessons I've learned this past year? How did I learn those lessons?

6.) What personal struggles are important to overcome/better manage, so that I can have a better, and more meaningful, year ahead? How can I work towards this?

7.) What does my ideal holiday season look and feel like? How can I make that happen?

8.) What goals, large or small, have I accomplished this past year? How did I achieve them?

9.) What does it mean to mindfully enjoy the company of others? Is this something I do, or something to work on?

10.) What would I like to be different next year at this time? What steps can I take to make that happen?

~ I wish everyone a happy and a healthy holiday season! ~


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