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Overcoming Anxiety: Tip #10

We've all heard that exercise is beneficial for our health - It helps us feel better physically, as well as mentally, which is exactly what we want to target when treating anxiety. As we know, anxiety manifests itself in our mind with anxious thoughts and frequent worrying, but it also manifests itself in our body. We may become tense, feel a knot in our stomach and throat, and experience the jitters.

While you may be thinking, "exercise is boring," all that simply means is, you have not found an exercise routine that works for you. Believe it or not, exercise can be fun!

All it takes is a workout that fits your style, personality, and interests - and voila, you'll be on your way to feeling good in no time! And wait until you experience that beautiful endorphin release (the happy chemical your body naturally produces during exercise)! You'll be proud of your efforts, feel a boost in self-esteem, and certainly come back for more! Let's not forget a clearer mind, a rejuvenated body, and an almost instant decrease in anxiety.

There are endless ways to exercise.

While some prefer putting in their headphones and heading straight to the elliptical/treadmill, others may prefer a class, where they can bring a friend along and have some fun! (Classes are also a great way to meet new people)! If you love to dance, try zumba! If you are looking for something more mellow, try yoga! If you like to bike ride, maybe give a spin class a try. Some gyms now even come with a movie theater. If you like watching movies, jump on an elliptical and watch the time fly! If you prefer to be outdoors, you can always go for a walk, or take a hike if you have a nearby trail. You can jump rope, run around with your kids at the park, or follow along with an exercise DVD in the comfort of your own home. Feeling cooped up at work? Take a coworker and go for a walk during your lunch break.

Remember, exercise does not have to be intense, nor does it have to take place in a gym. Focus on what feels right for you. If you choose a routine you don't like, that does not mean you will dislike all exercise. Remember back to Tip #6 - refrain from All or Nothing thinking.

Also remind yourself to start off simple - one day per week - and gradually work your way up. Even if you start out with 20 minutes, keep in mind that some exercise is better than no exercise. Once you find a routine you enjoy, it will become an easier commitment, and something you actually look forward to.

Choosing to exercise means choosing to keep your mind and body healthy, not just now, but for years to come!


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