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Overcoming Anxiety: Tip #2

Practicing gratitude means taking the time to recognize and truly appreciate all the good we have in our lives. We often get caught up in striving for what we don't have - a better job, a perfect relationship, being a better parent, etc..., that we forget to take adequate time to reflect on what we already have.

Rather than spending just a few drive-by seconds making a mental note of what you feel grateful for, I encourage you to make a written, numbered list. When you are finished, muster up the strength to think of five more items, then another two on top of that. Think about what life would be like without each of these items. What would be different?

This exercise allows you to gain perspective, reflect on what is really important to you, and approach your challenges feeling more calm, and with a clearer mindset. You'll begin to notice that while you may 'want' things to be different, they very often don't 'need' to be (see Tip #1). Keep your written list handy, add to it frequently, and watch as all the good in your life continues to grow.


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