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Support Group

Benefits of Groups

Group sessions allow individuals who are experiencing similar difficulties to come together.  You will become part of supportive community that fosters encouragement, growth, and the comforting feeling of, "I am not alone." Your fellow group members will be able to relate in ways your friends and family may not be able to, and can supportively hold you accountable for working toward treatment goals each week. You will have a community to lift you up when you are feeling down, and provide you with praise when you take a big step forward!

Current Group Offering

Support Group for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

The Goals of This Group Are:

  1. To connect with peers who are experiencing similar symptoms.

  2. To discuss weekly thought-provoking questions relating to OCD.

  3. To provide a supportive and encouraging environment to motivate you to pursue your treatment goals.

  4. To have the opportunity to ask (and answer) questions relating to OCD symptoms and treatment.

Please note: This group is not a substitute for individual therapy

To Learn More or To Sign Up, Please Call: 516-232-7775

During your initial phone call, I will provide an overview of what to expect during each group session, and answer any questions you may have. If we both determine this group is a good fit, I will instruct you to complete the following form before the first group session.

Consent Form